• Ego Style E Cigs Preferred Two to One in Recent Study

    April 5, 2014

    This is pretty cool, just watched a segment on CNN (forgot which show) about how those newer ego style electronic cigarettes like the VaporZone Pulse are preferred more by smokers who want to ditch the habit for something better. They like the bigger vapor production way more than the lighter kind.

    The reason is simple; much more flavor and heavy smoke feeling along with a burning throat hit found in a real cigarette.  The smaller types of ecigs are good, but these bigger, more powerful vapor devices offer more of a punch! So much so that most people who switch over will never go back to a cigarette again. The need is no longer there and the vapor produces much more satisfaction.

    People now have a choice, and this makes big tobacco nervous as they do not seem to be embracing this new trend of vapor enthusiasts.  Take a look at this VaporZone demonstration video and you will see what we mean here. We chose this company to focus on because they have so much to offer with customer incentives as well.  Plus you can mix or blend you e juice to whatever flavor you like.

    So if you smoke and have tried those cheaply made e-cigs at the gas station or corner liquor store, do yourself a favor and try one of these exotic vaping e-cigarettes explained in this post with the refillable e liquids.  You will be surprised at what a difference there is in quality.  Then make your choice, give it a fair shot!

    Former smokers know the deal. ;)

  • Easy Ways for Women to Lose fat

    February 28, 2014

    For the female, it can be much more challenging to lose unwanted fat than it is for the men. The best diet program today is called the Venus Factor which only pertains to the female body.

    Since this site is about fault lines and quakes, perhaps a little insight into the human body is what we need to “shake” thing up a bit here, ay?


    Women give birth, they need to gain weight in order to produce a healthy child. The wonder of life, however that can wreck a woman’s body just like a 9.0 earthquake can do damage to a coastline!

    In all seriousness though, the VenusFactor really does work. Tweaks in exercise routines and caloric intake is made especially for woman. Sure a man can go on the program too, but don’t expect good results as the male needs other ways to either bulk up or slim down.

    So no matter if it’s fault lines or wrinkle lines, it pays to be prepared either way.

  • Thoughts on Why Ecigs Are A Better Choice Than Smoking

    January 18, 2014

    Sick of smoking and want to know where you can find really cheap e cigs to buy online? So many options… it’s hard to say without knowing what a person is really looking for.

    If you just want something that looks and feels like a real cigarette, then you would prefer the pen-style ecigs as opposed to those larger vaping devices that use e juice (which you must pour in yourself – try not to make a mess!).

    If you have been vaping for a while and want to step it up, then by all means go for a “mod” type where the battery is larger thus it last longer and can produce more vapor if that is your goal.


    However, if you’re just trying to stay within budget then the pen types are more in the inexpensive realm and they just keep it more simple as well. The Njoy shown above is the closest thing you’ll get to a real cigarette in electronic form, available at your local 7 Eleven for about $9.

    Ultimately you want to get a fair priced starter kit and then have flavor cartridges that are reasonably priced as well so you can feel confident being a long term customer to a particular brand.

    Just like with cigarettes, once you find the brand you like you stick with it – same is true for electronic cigarettes.

  • Vaping Bans a Result of Building Structure Damage?

    December 8, 2013

    This is some strange news from Europe. As I was searching for electronic cigarettes I cam upon this information. Since the details were specific to smoking causing the walls or sheet-rock to rot, it could consequently get to the cement as well and cause it to rot thus resulting in a catastrophic failure.

    Yes I know, weird. But some crazed scientists on Germany (I think) found a link between smoke and deterioration that caused and has the possibly to cause structural damage. So what does an e cigarette have to do with this? Since most city and county governments are issuing proposed bans on all vaping (that’s what it’s called, not smoking, but vaping when using an ecig) and tying them together with cigarettes they have determined the threat is all but the same.

    Sounds ludicrous don’t it? Strange info, wanted to make a post about it here.  If you live in a neighborhood where they are proposing a ban on vaping, please show your support against this as it is very idiotic. You see e cigs are becoming more and more popular amongst smokers as a way to switch or quit real cigarettes.  Since they are not taxed or regulated, all types of flags are being raised for all the wrong reasons.

    Even the best electronic cigarette brands are on the firing line as they can be purchased online or at a vape shop in town.  Pay close attention to this V2 Cigs review as they are the most popular e-cig and see why they have become so in-demand these days. A video borrowed from YouTube of a customer explaining his thoughts on the V2 e cig is below. (btw, V2Cigs is fighting the bans on vaping hard!)

  • Predicting When the Big One Will Hit?

    November 10, 2013

    Can science predict when the next Big one will hit?  Or can it use a little intuitive help form psychics to narrow it down?  Guess what? It’s already in play as the nations best psychics are spending time with seismologists helping them with their predictions to when and where the earth will shake.

    To true science folks this sounds ludicrous, but did you know that true astrology is science?  It has been done for centuries even before Christ… Even the proverbial online tarot reading can pinpoint what is making out planet upset and prone to “shifting”. Yes it is, the alignment of the planets does more than just predict a personal forecast, it helps with the way our mother earth behaves by using the science of tides and gravitational pull to make a educated prediction and solidify that theory.

    Believe it folks.  Open your mind and explore what the universe is telling us.  Planets change all the time, it’s when a big shakedown happens it effects us in more ways than one.  It’s not if, it’s when and having the knowledge to harness that info from astrologers and psychics is not a hoax, it’s for real.  Every little bit helps, right?  Some of these earthquakes are very severe, especially when they reach above 6.0 in the “jackhammer” phase. We are keeping an eye on it for you… ;)

  • Refinance Your Mortgage Before The Big One Hits!

    September 22, 2013

    refinance mortgage earthquake

    Shake, rattle, and roll!

    Hopefully you have been reading this site and understand how important even having cheap home insurance can be, but did you ever think to look into refinance mortgage alternatives in case you need to collect on your insurances and still have a loan payment to make each month?

    When the big one starts wreaking chaos on your neighborhood and your home suffers some damage, make sure to have the proper safety precautions set up for you and your family first and foremost.

    At the same time be prepared for anything, the last you want to do is pay too much on a mortgage when you can;t even live in your house cause the damage is too great and you are waiting for the insurance to kick in.

    So do yourself a big favor and look over your homeowners insurance policy tonight (look here for cheap home insurance rates and options) and also compare a few companies that offer mortgage refinancing.  Piece of mind is free, yet priceless.

    The King!

  • Do You Possess Enough Home Insurance If Disaster Strikes?

    September 6, 2013

    Insurance is the name of the game, but most people do not take it seriously enough as they think it will never happen to them. Tell that to the victims of earthquakes and you will get your ear chewed off like Tyson to Holyfield.

    Besides your homeowners insurance, the next hing you need to think about is life. Make sure you compare life insurance rates sometime today and be extra prepared in case you need to borrow against that or if it is ultimately needed to cover your family’s expenses in case “it” happens.

    Another thing to consider is better coverage for your automobiles as your cheap home insurance may not cover everything in the driveway or the garage. Look into a car insurance estimate to save more when you bundle up.  Same is true when searching quotes for condo insurance as the main association’s policy may not cover certain natural disaster damages.

    The people of New York suffered great tragedy on 911 and after that as the air became polluted because of the dust and debris that lay floating around for months afterwards.  I recently visited this heath insurance quotes website and found some great deals, go see for yourself.

    The point is to have more than enough insurance as “life” can be a bumpy ride…

  • High Level Contributed Activities

    August 24, 2013


    WSSI had been involved and contributed to the following activities:

    • High Level Meetings
    • Workshops, Training Courses and Conferences
    • Special Project
    • Information Network
    • Earthquake Reconnaissance Programs

    True to the spirit of its founding motto (“A Time for Action”), WSSI initiated various activities and projects. Based on the input from the IAEE Executive Committee of IDNDR and the WSSI Board of Directors, it was decided early that WSSI will not undertake large, capital intensive projects but will try to achieve steady and visible goals at regional levels in refinance home mortgage opportunities across developing countries. The initial emphasis by the WSSI Board was placed in the Asia Pacific region. It was decided that WSSI would initiate and sponsor projects that will:

    1. Transfer and share technology.
    2. Develop professional engineering practice.
    3. Address crucial research questions that constitute gaps in our knowledge of how structures respond to earthquakes and how these structures can be built to withstand them.

    This information is crucial in many areas including the main populous of citizens who wish to refinance their homes and or business properties that sit on land that is prone to earthquake activity.  Browse the best mortgage rates here and compare several companies and policies to get the best deal for your local area.  When it comes to regions effected by earthquakes, it’s important to have your home covered against all that mother nature throws at it.

  • Types of Impact

    August 24, 2013

    Impact of WSSI activities may be measured toward 3 goals:

    1. AWARENESS: Raising awareness of the possibility of a large earthquake and its consequences.
    2. TRAINING: Teaching people at all levels that methods of mitigation are easily, possible and are not excessively expensive.
    3. IMPLEMENTATION: Implementation of mitigation procedures based on making them a higher priority than competing demands for resources and time.

    The most important part is step (C) ” Implementation”. However, this never happens without (A) “Awareness” and (B) ” Training”. If (A) and (B) are carried out, and resources are available, then (C) may occur. However, history has shown that this is not always the case. It is important to obtain low interest rate and proper payday loans online when funds get low to help out the initiative. Often a strong catalyst may be necessary before the existing situation is changed and implementation occurs. Moving decision-makers over this hump to ensure implementation is What WSSI refers to as ” The Last Mile”.  WSSI seeked to be a catalyst for change before the next devastating earthquake.

    WSSI worked on awareness, training and on implementation through its all activities.


    Some Major Mileposts:

    Many of WSSI’s actions on ” the road to implementation” are expected to result in long-term on the ground changes, and there is still much to be accomplished, WSSI had reached some major mileposts on this road. These are related to ( A ) Awareness, ( B ) Training and ( C ) Implementation.

    • Establishment of six national earthquake engineering societies which multiply WSSI’s efforts ( A & B )
    • IAEE Guidelines for earthquake Resistant Non-Engineered Buildings. The writing, distribution, and translation into local languages was carried out in conjunction with other organizations. ( B )

    Many reports from different countries related to ( A ) ( B ) and ( C ) which are in the ICUS 2004-01 report. One particular example of success in given below.

    A Nepal Story – Between 1993 and 1999 the Nepal representative at the WSSI workshop indicated that:

    • The earthquake disaster preparedness capacity was enhanced greatly
    • An international project to strengthen school buildings has been carried out successfully
    • Efforts by the local people attracted the attention of donor countries and international
      organizations who they supported several projects for earthquake disaster mitigation in Nepal.

    The World Seismic Safety Initiative (WSSI) was an undertaking of the International Association for Earthquake Engineering (IAEE).

    WSSI was a non-profit, non-governmental venture to promote the spirit and goals of IDNDR and to act as a catalyst in helping nations improve their earthquake risk management strategies.

    This info can be used in conjunction with propagating the housing market values like finding the lowest refinance rates, insurance quotes, etc) while determining the impact of earthquake activity in the areas effected.